Twinning Foundation is a foundation that seeks to come along side Christian minorities in the Middle East and help support them to continue their existence on their land morally, and partake in doing humanitarian work to enhance the quality of life.

This will be set to enable the development and coordination of projects in support of bringing progress and stability to their communities.  

We are working according principals and practices of transformational development to address all the needs of the local community

We strive to reach these objectives by working through the local church and establish with them centers of rehabilitation and encouragement.

History & projects

Twinning Foundation is established in 2008.  Since then Twinning Foundation is involved in a number of projects in favor of helping refugees in the Middle East region.

Twinning Foundation has been involved direct or through partner organizations in:

•    Training for church workers and teachers
•    Vocational Training
•    Relief for refugees
•    Trauma counseling training for church workers involved with trauma victims
•    Income generating projects in various forms
•    Prayers and encouragement

The income generating projects are also shaped with the intention that these should be durable and self-sustaining and according to standards of Fair Trade (WFTO)  

Staff & funding

The staff involved in Twinning Foundation does hold good accreditation in managing social economic project development. Senior staff has long term experience in working in target countries and communities. We also have a network of experts on different subjects that are available on a free lance basis.

Twinning Foundation is funded by private businesses and foundations or private funds and institutions.

To contact us, please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   | Internet: